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 For Professionals

Counselling Matters welcomes referrals from professionals such as GPs, nurse practitioners, health visitors, midwives, social workers, probation officers and housing officers. We also accept referrals from organisations and agencies including Bexley Women's Aid, Signpost, Nexus and housing associations.

Referrals can be made by email to or by post to Liz Hann, The Abbey Clinic, 6A Albert Road, Belvedere, DA17 5IJ.

Urgent referrals can also be made by phone to Liz Hann on 07561 416617.

It would be helpful if referrers  could specify if the client requires an urgent appointment and whether they would be suitable for a trainee counsellor.

We believe Counselling Matters has advantages over other counselling services, for example

We have short waiting lists and can prioritise urgent cases

We are an inclusive service so we can work with clients with a wide range of difficulties, whether adult, child or adolescent

We offer weekly appointments

We can provide home visits for housebound clients

We provide 12-18 sessions of counselling initially but this can be extended when appropriate

We provide continuity of care, so clients will be seen by the counsellor who carries out the original assessment

We provide a flexible service, with evening and Saturday appointments, and easily accessible premises in Belvedere and Erith.

Block Funding

Organisations can choose to fund a block of sessions for their clients rather than clients paying for themselves. Please contact Liz to discuss this further if this is an option that interests you.

Counselling Matters Bexley Liz Hann Lead Counsellor

Dip Couns, BA (Hons), CBT Therapist, Couples Therapist.

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